Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

1. Judelet turns two, two weeks from tomorrow. How can this be? I'm going to throw him a shoe party because shoes are the thing he loves most in this world. Any advice on party favors or how to fashion a shoe cake are much appreciated.

2. I ordered a bazillion(38 actually) enlargements a few weeks ago dating as far back as 2007. I've had fun collecting frames and arranging walls and such.

3. On a recent frame shopping trip, I hear Simon say so smoothly that it took me a second to even process it, "That's a nice looking' mirror. Oh, wait, that's just my reflection."

4. My childhood BFF came to visit last weekend with her family. I last saw her when I was Simon's age. Twenty years is a long time. It is so interesting to me the ease at which old friends are able to carry on. Surrounded by husbands and kids and maturity and life experience, the memories are enough. We've missed the daily-ness of each others lives, but the bond of childhood was substantial enough to carry us over into something new. I'm curious to see how our lives will continue to intertwine now that we're in the same state.
5. We've had more houseguests here than at any other location and we haven't even been here for two months yet. I love it!! We have two more guest room reservations on the books for March, two for April, one for June. 

6. I bought the kids each a giant Valentine's Day heart from the Rite Aid clearance shelf yesterday. Retail is for other people and fake chocolate lasts forever. I made the kids' whole year. 

7. Speaking of getting fat, I need Spring to spring already. I'd love to take a walk around the neighborhood and not have my fingers turn blue. 

8. It's snowing again. I'm not complaining, just stating the fact. EIGHT more inches predicted for tomorrow night. The gas man that came today for a gas fireplace insert said, "This is incredibly unusual. We haven't had a winter like this in three years." Ok, first of all, if they had a winter similar to this three years ago, then it's not unusual. If he'd said thirty years ago, okay. And p.s. we heard the same line from many people in Ohio and I didn't believe them either. :) It sure is pretty to look at. 

9. We're finding our place here. I have a friend. I have a church with a pastor that looks strangely just like me; he must come from good genes. I have a coffee shop. I don't have to use GPS all that much. I still don't feel completely settled, but pictures being on the wall has helped. We have a long list of unfinished projects that just need a bit of sunshine and warmth and motivation to complete. 

10. I'm feeling entirely uninspired, photographically speaking. I need a challenge. I don't want 99.9% of my photos taken by my phone. I cringe at the thought of our memories being reduced to grainy, blurry, 4x4 inch pictures. I get the ease and availability of iPhone photography, but really...I'm missing the good stuff for the sake of convenience. I know I'm not alone in this. Does anybody have a challenge?? I challenged myself to fill up a compact flash last month. I didn't make it. Not even close...


Jude said...

first off, I am loaughing SO hard at Simon and the mirror.
Second, HELLO FELIX in that old photo! I never realized just how much he looked like you! WOW.
Third, I need to make my reservation asap huh?
Fourth, I hear ya on the big camera, but I had to upgrade to the 6 in December and wowee... can that thing take some good photos. Also, I think I need to calibrate my big camera. My fouus is off. I wish we had an actual camera store, alas, everything is online now.

I cannot wait to see the shoe party! ♥ ♥ ♥

Brown English Muffin said...

This post inspires me in so many ways...I just wish I could leave work immediately and act on all my inspiration. lol