Thursday, February 12, 2015

23 months

He insists on wearing shoes. Over sleepers even. It's a battle at bedtime.
 Grandma got donuts while she was here. He was very into the whole pastry breakfast thang.
He quickly realized there was no need to fuss with the donut itself as the good stuff was only on top and in the middle.
Turns the printer on and off and tries to help retrieve papers from the mating mid-print.

He loves "movies" and requests one for breakfast every single day. He doesn't like to use the straw, however, so movies are quickly becoming my nemesis.

He wants to be right there with the big kids during school. He's pretty content to sit and draw on stuff. We only have problems when he wants to draw on everybody else's work. Check out the stools my mom got us!! Housewarming present/the PERFECT fit for the school room. Thanks, Ma!
He begs for bapples, spits most of it out. He does the same with cheese and deli meat.

He brushes his own teeth.
 I mean, really...

He likes the idea of potty, but doesn't actually do it. Unrolling toilet paper is an art form.

He hates toys floating in tub.

He uses his hair as napkin.

He's absolutely a bully.

He steals food.

He draws a lot on things he shouldn't.

He thinks he's a big kid. It has never occurred to him that he might just be a baby.

 He is only snuggly first thing in the morning or if we have guests over or if I'm cooking or if I'm shopping in a way that requires he sit in the cart.

He's a bolter.

He walks up and down the stairs now instead of scootching or slithering.

He says Tius and Mimon and I can't even pretend to figure out how to spell the word he uses for Felix.

He speaks in full sentences and adds to his vocabulary every day.

He can pitch a mean fit, especially if it involves
leaving an activity he's not ready to leave,
coming indoors from out of doors, no matter the situation
or being strapped into his carseat.

He is busy, busy, busy and takes even the mention of naps as a personal insult

He smacks people on the butt. I don't know how it started, but if anyone bends over for any reason,
he's there with a swift hand and swifter grin.

He's not very friendly to strangers. He'll wave and wave and wave until they respond, but if they try to engage beyond a distant wave, he will give them the cold shoulder. He will not smile when strangers baby talk him. He'll smirk, but never smile.

He loves to play chase.

His favorite toy is a stuffed pig from IKEA.
He prays with us. If it's at a meal, usually he'll ball up one fist and stick it to his eye while using his other hand to feed himself while the rest of us suckers have our eyes closed. It's the cutest thing EVER.

He calls milk "moo."

He doesn't really play with toys all that much. He prefers to be outside driving his cozy coupe. It's making present buying difficult for his (sob) upcoming birthday.


Stephanie G said...

I love this- and I love that you have him. He sounds like such a fun little guy!

Jude said...

Such a great list!
I can't believe he is almost two!
Those stools from your mom... WOW!! they are great! :)