Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ten on Tuesday(just pretend it's Tuesday): celebrating the Man

1. I told Sean I'm going to start telling people I'm his second wife since he's so much older than me. 
 2. I keep reminding him that turning 35 means he's officially reached his half life expectancy.
 3. It turns out, I'm not very nice. 
 4. But I arrange for Grandmas to come watch four boys overnight and I book rooms at historic B&Bs and I try to go over the top every once in a while and it makes up for my lack of niceness. 
5. The B&B was awesome, but...*. The last time we attempted a bed and breakfast was on our honeymoon when it was discovered Sean was incredibly allergic to the soap at our original hotel. It was a lovely place in Savannah, GA, but we had to share a bathroom with a bunch of strangers and we were young and had higher expectations of what a B&B actually was. We chickened out and left. As it turns out, Sean wasn't allergic to the soap or the artichoke hearts that he'd eaten for the first time & still claims he's allergic to; he was allergic to me. He had head to toe hives for the first month of our marriage.

6. *There was an alumni gathering. Of the five couples staying at the B&B, four knew each other. It made for a very awkward breakfast. They were talking about concerts, their college (that they all have a strange attachment to), sports statistics, and the 70s. I've been to one concert in my life and it sucked. I have never heard of their small, private college. I don't care about how badly their small, private college beat some other unheard of small, private college in the last softball game. And much to the awkwardness of everyone at the table, no, I do not remember the 70s. 

7. For the last three years, every time Sean and I have had a moment to ourselves, conversation naturally went to, "When school is over..." It was weird to not have a single utterance be school related. 

8. We went to the bookstore and read magazines as part of our date. We never get to do that anymore. I perused magazines while children ran about the aisles. I get kids acting out in public, I don't get kids being unattended in public. There were two boys, maybe 5&7, playing tag through the store. In the hour+ that we were there, I never saw their parents. No one calling them down, no one even checking on them. It's a big outdoor mall type thing and I half suspect mom and dad dumped 'em off at the bookstore and went to a movie as the rest of the stores were closed. That or their parent worked at the bookstore? In addition to the wandering throngs of young teens who were acting like fools, I came home with a renewed sense of purpose in my parenting. 

9. Some pictures of the room and foyer. The place is amazing. Just zoom in and take in all the details. I wanted to go antiquing as soon as we left. All the little details and old baubles made me want to tell my conscience to keep quiet and fill up my suitcase.

 The detail! Just amazing.

10. Thank you, Grandma, for making it all possible!


Corey said...

you are not very nice. I'll have to agree with that :P i'm a bit older than Sean and after reading this, i'm sure I'm dying next year. thankyouverymuch. :P ha ha just kidding. but really...
That place looks amazing. I've never stayed in a true B&B before. love all the selfies you took. what a treasure those will be for the kids and grandkids some day. I love that.

Jude said...

I can't wait to tell you about our crazy B&B experience. But you win for most awkward guest encounter!
Sean is so old. (but I'm not, not me, not ever.)
We saw those same kids I think, running laps around the grocery store while their Dad checked out and then took two hours to find his redbox movie. The air held a palpable disdain from everyone else in the store.

Brown English Muffin said...

That B&B was truly quaint.