Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

1- I am so thankful for my circle. I got much, much encouragement in regards to my last post. I love it when I'm anxious about posting too much or thinking maybe I'm just evil, only to find out every one else has a piece of crazy in them, too.

2- Remember back in the olden days how everybody took a babysitting class? I've been trying to sign Simon up for one and I'd love for Felix to know basic life saving skills, too. Turns out, kids aren't expected to know such things. Babysitting? What's that. Hire an au pair or drop 'em off at day care. Or the 24/7 places in strip malls? Yeah, not this mama. No lie, I called SEVEN places today. I kept getting passed on to other people and finally ended up exactly where I started: the Red Cross. Simon doesn't need to be taught how to feed an infant or ways to engage with toddlers. I want him to know how to unwedge a piece of apple from an esophagus and handle real emergencies. I thought for sure one of the fifty million bases around us would offer SOMETHING. Nope. I plan to sign up the big two for the Adult-Pediatric CPR/First Aid/AED course through the Red Cross. Just in case anyone else was looking, know that it's your only option.

3- Simon starts guitar lessons tomorrow and Felix is starting drum lessons. I'm not sure who's more excited.

4- One of my brother's congregants(is that a word?) gave my email address to a friend of hers. The friend lives close by and home schools her crew. We've been emailing back and forth and tomorrow we meet in person. I've done this before, but the blind-date feeling is always a little awkward. I'm excited, though!

5- Our neighbors are coming for dinner Thursday. I really like them. I can't get over the similarities between them and our neighbors in Texas.

6- Grandma is coming Friday!! It wasn't all that hard to talk her into coming to spend an overnighter with the kidlets so Sean and I could celebrate his birthday. I thought we'd celebrate as we always do, but he hinted around that he actually wants something. I'm pretty excited about what I have planned...

7- I'm trying something different with budget and meal planning. Now that we live forever away from the grocery store, I'm trying to shop only twice a month. That's kind of a big deal for me. In Dayton, there were times I was going to the store every day. Last month, Sean updated me on my grocery budget and I said something stupid like, "I'm not going to the store again. I'm going to just use what we have." We cleared out the pantry. I'm talking, nothing left but a lone onion skin in the back of the pantry and a honey bear with only his feet filled. It was pretty crazy. Crazy awesome! On the day before we restocked, Simon said, "I don't care if I have to walk to the store, we need groceries!" And so we drove two hours to Whole Foods on payday. The previous trip I'd bought 9 gallons of our milk. This trip, they didn't have any of our milk (Snowville Creamery) and I still spent more than I've ever spent in a single grocery shopping trip.

I was very intentional about our menu this trip. Two weeks of planned out meals, all something new and fresh that I've not cooked before. There have been some BIG HITS.

8. THIS was amazing. It would feed a crowd, for sure. My fam+my brother. We all ate to the point of needing our stretchy pants and I was still able to send my brother home with leftovers. I made homemade rosemary bread and threw together a salad to go with. Apple crumble for dessert, yowza.

9. ALSO AMAZING. So easy and the steak cost me the same amount as ground beef. It takes 2lb of ground beef to fill my boys. 1.5 lb of this steak and we had leftovers. Go figure. I made a flank tonight and actually prefer the taste of the cheaper skirt steak.

10. This guy. Using his hair as a napkin.


Jude said...

i hear ya on the groceries... it is scary how a trip to grab a few "essentials" ends up costing over $100...

Brown English Muffin said...

I feel lost when I don't meal plan, I feel as if I turn to the quickest most unhealthy meal that god created.

If it wasn't for pinterest aiding in my meal planning I don't know what I'd do.